Photo Restoration & Colourisation

A picture paints a thousand words, but an image that is damaged can lose its meaning. We can restore photos that have been stained, marked or torn and also brighten up faded ones. Our restoration service will boost faded colours and also remove any dust and scratches.

We can restore: photo negatives, slides, prints, and digital formats to bring a new lease of life to old memories. We can also take classic black & white or sepia photos and add vibrant colours according to your preference and instructions – drop into store to revive your older photos.


Is there something or somebody in the background of a great photo that you would prefer wasn’t there? A wonderful memory from a wedding, birthday or holiday that just needs a slight alteration? Using our expert, digital retouching service we can remove backgrounds, objects and people to reimagine fantastic moments to your preference. We’re also able to add backgrounds or text onto your images and enlarge photos to different formats such as: poster print, canvas, or collage.